Wednesday, October 2, 2013


When I tell people I don't eat dairy, grains, processed foods, legumes, sugar. . . .I always get the same response. . ."So what do you eat then?'

Here are few examples of my meals keep in mind these are whole30 meals which means no coconut flours, or almond flours or any other kind of flour or sweeteners, no honey, agave etc. Even without all that each and every one of these meals were delicious!

Take a look, it's really not that odd, eating meat and veggies every meal!  Oh after finishing this whole30 I am not much lighter than my lowest weigh in posted on the blog however I am feeling amazing and after one cheat day I'm back on the whole30 plan!
 Buffalo Ranch meatballs, coleslaw and sweet potatoes for dinner
 Paleo waffles, pureed raspberries and bacon
 Sweet potato, kale onions, breakfast sausage and eggs breakfast hash
 Chicken apple sausage, sauerkraut, and sautéed kale for dinner
 Apple Cider found at whole food, treat!
 Yes I still eat snacks, sulfur free dried fruits!

 italian sausage, peppers, kale, onions and organic no sweetener added marinara sauce
Green chile eggs with sweet potatoes for breakfast
 brussel sprout salad, with dried cranberries, almonds and bacon
 garlic lime shrimp
 Chinese five spice roast
 Roasted carrots and below is a breakfast pizza no cheese and a green juice.

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  1. You are my HERO Linda (always have been and always will be)!!!! I tried a very similar plan earlier this summer and only made it for 3 weeks. It looks like you are working hard! I wish I could lift like you! I started strong lifting just before we moved to Maine so I didn't get very far. I'd like to get back to it. Time to get a squat rack! Miss you! -Shalece